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Angel Of Death

(nominated for an Agatha Award)

Read Chapter One | Reviews

To L.A. lawyer Barry Lewis, the note on his front door spells danger. To LAPD Detective Jessie Drake, it is as ominous as the Star of David scrawled across Lewis’s paint-smeared door. Lewis, Jessie learns, is everyone’s enemy. The Jewish community is inflamed when he represents neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers determined to parade in their neighborhoods on Hitler’s birthday.

A son of Holocaust survivors himself, Lewis despises his clients—yet vehemently defends their First Amendment rights. Then hate turns to homicide, and Jessie is forced not only to find a killer, but to face her own prejudices and feelings about the Holocaust, along with some startling revelations about her city and herself. Meanwhile, passions are rising…and the "angel of death" prepares to strike again.

Reviews for Angel of Death

Mostly Murder
"May be Anthony Award winner Rochelle Majer Krich’s most important book yet.. . .With hate crimes on the rise all over the country, Angel of Death fordes us to take a look from both sides."

The Los Angeles Times
"An unusual choice of material for a crime novel, but it creates a high seriousness that is also unusual in a crime novel…[Krich] uses her well-plotted stories and roundly depicted characters to give a sympathetic, close-up portrait of what for many readers may be largely unfamiliar terrain."

San Diego Union-Tribune
"What lifts it out of the ordinary (and what will cause it to linger in your mind) is its perceptive take on the roots of bigotry, the issue of liberty versus license, and what it means to be a Jew in today’s complex society."

"Well written, with an intriguing plot…offers both a good mystery and some provocative insights into the Jewish tradition and the effects of prejudice, hate, and fear."

Kirkus Reviews
"Krich keeps her debate at the boiling point."

Publishers Weekly
"Krich offers her message in a creative way, and Jessica…makes an engaging companion."

Drood Review
"Thoughtful and insightful writing at its most compassionate."


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