Blood Money

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When the unidentified body of an elderly man is found in a wooded area of Los Angeles RAncho Park, it appears that he has succumbed to a heart attack. But LAPD homicide detective Jessie Drake supsects foul play. The victim, she discovers, was in vigorous health, made friends wherever he went, and was staying as a nonresident guest at an old age home. He was the only person in his family to come out of the concentration caps alive, with a scar on his forearm bearing chilling testimony to the tattooed mumbers that once branded him. A man who survived the Holocaust may have lost his life to a murderer--a heartwrenching irony to Jessie, who just recently learned of her own link to the historic atrocity.

In search of the mystery that brought the old gentleman's life to a lonely end, and driven by a personal mission on behalf othe family she never knew, Jessie combs the records of retirmenet homes and prods the failing memories of the residents. What she uncovers are more mysterious deaths and a twisted plot of treachery and greed that threatens to finish off Hitler's remaining victims, as well as steal their long-denied wealth from the vaults of Swiss banks.

Reviews for Blood Money

Erie, Pennsylvania Times
"Blood Money will hook your heart as well as your head."

Houston Chronicle
"Using the Holocaust as the backdrop of a current homicide, Krich manages plot twists that take the story beyond the expected...and offers a fresh and moving tale of justice and hope."

San Jose Mercury News
"Krich creates a story that is realistic and chilling."

Publishers Weekly - starred review
"LAPD detective Jessica drake isn't your usual cop. She's compassionate and sympathetic toward others, and in her third, compelling appearance (after Angel of Death, 1994), she uses a canny sixth sense and relentless investigatory drive to bring her latest case to an astonishing conclusion....This is a richly textured, gripping and, at times, deeply moving novel, enhanced by Jessica's confrontation with her recently discovered Jewish identity. Admirers of mystery at its most provocative will thank the author for this book--and for bringing back one of the more intriguing detectives in the field."

"Greed is at the heart of this well-paced, low-key mystery, which offers plenty of twists and turns as it delivers an eye-opening look at some harrowing history and the evil ways men continue to exploit its victims."

Midwest Book Review
"BLOOD MONEY is as deep a police procedural as can be found on the market today...a non-stop story line...a fabulous who-done-it...historical questions that add savory flavor."

The Virginian Pilot
"With Jessie Drake, Krich presents an appealing, believable sleuth. Blood Money, as entertaining and suspenseful as it is informative, offers interesting facts about police procedures, retirement and nursing homes, Jewish traditions and the Holocaust."

"Krich keeps the suspense high and the characters realistic in Blood Money."

Dallas Morning News
"Ms. Krich…has been able to use her own family tragedy to add realism and empathy to this fascinating tale."

San Diego Union-Tribune
"What you will relish are the skillfully rendered characters, together with Jessie’s sometimes tortured voyage of self-discovery."

Deadly Pleasures
"A solid story with an appealing protagonist and compelling look at one of the most horrific events in modern history…engaging and insightful."

The Antigonish Review
"The plot shifts constantly, each new twist keeping the reader guessing right up until the extremely satisfying end. There are a couple of subplots which are not solved, but this addition of loose ends does add a sense of realism, and says that police work does not end in neatly packaged solutions."

Crescent Blues
"A vitally important tale, a rare tapestry of story threads woven together with a masterful control of both the mystery and the story telling."

The Mystery Reader
"A though-provoking read with an equally challenging mystery."

San Diego Jewish Press Heritage
"An exciting mystery with a sensitive human angle."


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