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Dream House

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Friday, October 31. 9:37 P.M., 100 block of South Martel. A vandal threw a pumpkin through the front window of a house and several eggs at the front door.

The police report read like just another Halloween prank--a nasty, petty act. But the attack is one in a recent spate of increasingly violent vandalisms targeting residents who have paid millions of dollars for their dream homes in the ritziest enclaves of Los Angeles.

Residents are already seething, hotly divided about the growing number of Historical Architectural Restoration and Preservation (HARP) boards that prevent homeowners from remodeling their expensive real estate, forcing them to preserve the traditional integrity of neighborhoods where Hollywood legends once lived. So impassioned are pro- and anti-HARPforces that Crime Sheet columnist Molly Blume suspects that members from both sides of the debate may be perpetrating the vandalism that claims new victims almost daily.

But the arson that destroys a house on Fuller Avenue doesn't fit the pattern. This beautiful property belongs to Margaret Reston and her husband, Hank; and the sick old man who dies when it burns is Margaret's father. Margaret herself has disappeared. She was last seen working in her garden five months ago--and although traces of her blood were found in her car, the police have no idea what has happened to the missing woman.

This intrigue all makes good copy for hard-hitting newshound Molly. Almost in love again with the high-school sweetheart who dumped her and is now a rabbi, Molly can't stop thinking about Margaret and Hank Reston and the old man whose life was tragically, though accidentally, cut short. But was it an accident? What has happened to Margaret Reston? Where does malice end and evil begin?

Dream House is available in paperback ($6.99; ISBN: 0-449-00727-8) from Fawcett Books, in large print from Thorndike, and in audio, from Brilliance Audiobooks.



Reviews for Dream House:

Publishers Weekly
Molly Blumes "second smart, exciting appearance.... With sensitivity, passion and an investigative approach thatís on the money, the rebellious and independent Molly displays an uncompromising resolve to unearth the truth. Krich provides just enough clues in just the right places to keep readers on their toes, waiting for the resolution while hoping the mystery wonít end quite yet.

Kirkus Reviews
"Molly tiptoes through a minefield of greedy developers, exasperated homeowners, disappointed suitors, and agoraphobic neighbors.... Krich shifts suspicion expertly from corner to corner of her broad canvas."

"There's an unusual neighborhood feel about this L.A. crime story that gives a strong sense of people living in a real community....Even readers unfamiliar with Molly's previous adventures can enjoy this one."

Drood Review
"Molly Blume goes down the mean streets of upscale Los Angeles to solve a double homicide.... Blume follows the empirical method of all detectives and pits her intellect and courage against a criminal in her pursuit of justice. Blume's strengths are her empathy and culture."

January Magazine
"[Krich] does an admirable job of interweaving religious lore into her mysteries without becoming pedantic or obtrusive....[She] throws in enough red herrings to keep her readers off guard and draw them inexorably toward Dream House's unexpected solution. In the dynamic and determined Ms. Blume she has created a winning character, somebody who allows her intuition and feelings toward individuals to influence her investigations almost as much as the evidence. Krich is sure to gain new fans and please her old ones with this mystery."

Kansas City Jewish Chronicle
"Molly becomes a sleuth par excellence...a totally delightful and entertaining work."

The Forward
"[Molly] Blume is smart, sexy, modestly dressed (most of the time) and acutely aware of the limits placed (and the benefits granted) by her [Orthodox] observance.... These crime solvers pack a wallop along with their prayerbooks."

Denver Post, Cleveland Plane Dealer, Times Picayune, LA
"If you are looking for a Hannukah gift, look no further than "Dream House," the second in a smart and lively series featuring Crime Sheet columnist Molly Blume. Author Rochelle Krich takes us on an exciting chase as Blume tracks down both an arsonist and a missing woman, while sorting out her love life. The feisty, flawed Blume is an Orthodox Jew whose rituals and customs provide a refreshing change from the usual L.A. detective story."

Chicago Sun-Times
"The best part of Dream House is the glimpse the author provides into L.A.'s Orthodox Jewish community. Krich uses this world to add some extra touches to her book that makes it stand out from the crowd."

Jewish Woman
"Krich intersperses just enough interplay with Molly's family and refernces to Orthodox Jewish culture to give the story taam (flavor).... An absorbing mystery."

Jewish Book World
"An entertaining romp with a delightful protagonist. The characters are well drawn, the storyline compelling, and the milieu in which it takes place fascinating. This is Krich's second book featuring Molly Blume and one of her best novels to date."

Romantic Times
"Well worth reading....a solid mystery"

Reviewing the Evidence
"Thoroughly entertaining...meticulously written and intricately thought out. The reader is immediately taken into the mystery and completely involved in the goings on."

Mysery News, Audio Review
"Molly Blume is a spunky character, a la kinsey Milhone, with a little more structure to her life and a lot more angst.... A fine mystery, with plenty of twists and turns. Rochelle Krich has developed a wonderful character with Molly Blume."
"Krich creates three-dimensional characters and has a well-constructed plot and story....This is a gripping novel and I had a hard time putting it down!"

Jekyll's Golden Islander
"Krich is one of those writers who has both the art and the craft to design a compelling mystery built around serious subjects."

I Love A Mystery
"Good integration of plot and personal elements....the suspense was so gripping I wasn't able to put the book down."

Mysterious Women
"A pleasure to read"



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