Fair Game

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Bodies with bank deposit slips attached to them. A new corpse with, of all things, a parking ticket. In this first book of the series, LAPD homicide detective Jessica Drake finds a frightening pattern connecting a series of murders. The city of Los Angeles has enough troubles without this new, insane rash of killings. And Jessie has problems of her own. Her ex-husband keeps barging back into her life, and her visiting sister and nephew are starting to look like permanent house guests.

When yet another body turns up on the Venice boardwalk, the playing pieces start to fall into place, and Jessie is appointed department spokesperson. She goes on TV, knowing that the diabolically clever killer is watching…counting his money, rolling the dice, and planning his next move against his last opponent—Jessie Drake.

Reviews for Fair Game:

St. Petersburg Times
"Fair Game has all the elements of a thriller …Jessie is a terrific heroine moving through a well-cast and plotted police and human interest story."

Publishers Weekly
"A first-rate page-turner…palpable tension…Recognizable characters, accelerating action and an intriguing plot."

"Krich is a deft and talented writer…a suspenseful thriller."

Rave Reviews
"Powerful, gripping …cannot be put down."

Wisconsin Book Watch
"A terrific suspense yarn!"

Her magazine
"Fans of the genre have cause for celebration. Krich has delivered an admirable female detective. Whether proving herself to male officers or confronting painful family problems, Jessie Drake’s dignity and humanity remains intact."

Fair Game, a Mysterious Press/Warner Books title, was nominated for an Agatha Award. It is out of print.

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