Fertile Ground

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Scandal has shaken the life and career of Dr. Lisa Brockman, a physician at a prestigious Los Angeles fertility clinic. First there’s the murder of a young egg donor, then the allegations of egg switching, and finally the disappearance of Dr. Matthew Gordon, the clinic’s founder and Lisa’s fiancé.

While LAPD homicide detectives probe the possible connection between the murder and Matthew’s disappearance, Lisa launches her own desperate search. Amid charges of fraud and misconduct, she unearths a complex labyrinth of greed, deceit and cover-ups beneath the distinguished veneer of one of the world’s most successful clinics. Closing in on the truth behind the facility’s darkest secrets, Lisa realizes she cannot trust anyone—for behind the facade of friendship may lurk a diabolical killer.

Reviews for Fertile Ground:

Kirkus Reviews
"Krich expertly ratchets up the tension, saving a few choice surprises for dessert."

The Chicago Tribune
"Plenty of good suspense plus lots of understandable science and poignant humanity. . .Krich has her own way of moving the story along at a ferocious clip while making moral points."

"Krich keeps the level of suspense high and the characters realistic."

Mostly Murder
"The pace of the novel is unrelenting, the puzzles challenging, and the characaters complex. It is as riveting as her earlier books…and is a mystery of the first order."

Grand Rapids Press
"All the necessary elements for a good mystery…intrigue, passion, murder, and more to keep the reader turning pages."

"Krich manages to weave a cohesive and intriguing story that’s as provocative as it is entertaining."

The Tangled Web UK Review
"[Krich's] characters are portrayed with depth and empathy and the development of the relationships between them adds another thread to this fascinating thriller."

The Mystery Reader
"A well developed mystery with a complex plot."

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