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Where's Mommy Now?

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Kate Bauers is slowly rebuilding her life. She has a new husband whom she loves and who adores her and her two children, and she feels fortunate to have found, Janine, the perfect Swiss au pair, to watch the children while Kate runs her gift shop.

Life is wonderful. Or it would be, if Kate weren’t suddenly so tired, so listless that even pills can’t help her get out of bed. And she can’t concentrate on the little things—like a missing photograph, or a nightgown that smells of a perfume she never uses. She’s getting weaker every day and feels like a stranger in her own house.

None of this is anyone’s fault—certainly not Janine’s. Everyone loves Janine. Nobody could possibly be suspicious of the loving, caring, jewel of a nanny.


Where’s Mommy Now?, which won the 1990 Anthony Award and was filmed as "Perfect Alibi" with Kathleen Quinlan, Hector Elizondo, and Teri Garr, is out of print. Look for it at abebooks or half.com. Or check the Deadly Directory at the Cluelass website for a list of bookstores that carry out-of-print and used books.


Reviews for Where's Mommy Now?

Publishers Weekly
"A toothsome blend of deceit, infidelity and murder…there is definite enjoyment to be had in watching the plot move inexorably toward serving up just desserts."

Drood Review
"The mystery presented is not one of whodunit, but why, and how much was actually done. Great reading!"












On sale October 25

In paperback


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