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For feisty Los Angeles crime reporter Molly Blume, life is good. She is newly married (to the adoring and adorable Rabbi Zack), and her latest true-crime book is a hot seller. When an overardent fan's attentions arouse Molly's suspicion, however, her toughts turn uneasily to stalkers.

But the fan, Reuben Jastrow, swears that he desperately needs Molly's help in finding his eighteen-yer-old daughter, Hadassah, who has run away from home to be with a man she met on the Internet.

Molly hesitantly agrees--and immediately has regrets. For Reuben hasn't told her the whole truth. The more Molly look sfor clues to the missing girl's fate, the more she wonders:

Is Hadassah a random victim of a predator, or is the girl a pawn in a scheme of revenge against her family?

It's a long, deadly path that stretches before Molly, a path mined with hidden passions and festering secrets. And it ends with a final twist and an unnerving truth:

What we don't see can lead to danger...and tragedy.


Now You See Me, the fourth Molly Blume mystery, will be out in trade paperback original ($13.95) October 25.

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Reviews for Now You See Me

Library Journal
"Krich once again delivers a well-crafted mystery that is also a powerful exploration of the tragedy of unintended consequences. Krich excels at creating suspense through her characters' struggles and mistakes, a skill that is once again evident in this page-turner."

Jerusalem Post
"A gripping tale of deceit, revenge and murder...edge-of-your-seat mystery."

Bookreporter. com
One of the year's best mystery intriguing, engrossing, and even enchanting tale magnificently and beautifully told."

Chicago Tribune
"Krich expertly walks the line between faith and excitement."

Kirkus Review
"Delving into the dark teen world of cheating, computer chat rooms, self-mutilation and sexual harassment,... Krich puts a sure finger on the painful spots where ordinary kids' problems turn into murderous melodrama—all at a bargain price."

"Krich brings the girl's terror and naivete close, but most of the story revolves around Molly, who doggedly pursues the tangled truth and wrestles with a long-ago hurt that tests her ability to forgive."

Jewish Review
"An intriguing novel...A missing teenager, the dangers of Internet chat rooms and murder combine for an exciting mystery full of unexpected twists."

Publishers Weekly
"Krich hasn't lost what may be her greatest strength: her ability to invite readers into the world of Orthodox Judaism or to allow us to share vicariously in its rituals and the warmth of its community."

Jeckyll Islander
"Entertaining and provocative"

Mysterious Women
"A terrific book in a series of terrific books"

American Jewish Library Association Newsletter
"Now You See Me... is intruiging, puzzling, informative, and very enjoyable."

Arts in L.A.
"[One of] several impressive works by Los Angeles-based writers....fine storytellers.... Krich brings back her appealing Orthodox sleuth, Molly Blume....The intricacies of the plot can't be described without giving away details key to the pleasures of discovery for readers."









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"Molly a sleuth worth her salt" - NY Times Book Review


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