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Shadows of Sin

Read Chapter One and Two | Reviews |

At first glance it appears to be a random multiple murder--a prominent plastic surgeon and his nurse and receptionist shot dead in their plush Century City office. But to Jessie Dreake, the savage nature of Dr. Ronald Bushnell's fatal wounds suggests a crime of intense passion...and bitter retribution.

Following her suspicions, the conscience-driven detective takes her investigation to the core of the seemingly harmonious family life of the slain surgeon. On the surface, Bushnell had everything: respect, money, a palatial home, a loving wife and daughter. But there is a joker in the deck, Bushnell's foster son, Ethan Meissner--a troubled young loner with dark periods in his history. And the boy hasn't been seen since the murders.

Ethan's unexplained disappearance suggests that the runaway knows something; he may be a material witness in a triple homicide or a premeditated killer...or another victim. The search for the missing teeanger takes Jessie across many volatile borders--thoes between nations, between families, and the razor-thin one that separates love from hatred.

But the truth lies somewhere in a harrowing past of tainted blood and horrific personal tragedy. the deeper Jessie ventures into this shadow world of cruelty and secrest, the more she is haunted by the echoes of a lost soul's unanswered cry for help...and by the most heinous crime of all, in which the sins of the guilty are visited on the innocent.




Reviews for Shadows of Sin:

Publishers Weekly
"With a complex plot more dizzying than a roller coaser ride, Krich again delivers a well-written...suspense-packed novel. The compassionate Jessie [Drake] nearly becomes another victim in a harrowing finale that leaves the reader limp. Fans of Faye Kellerman and Susan Isaacs should go for Krich."

Los Angeles Times
"Krich cleverly mixes the professional and personal mysteries as she steadily applies pressure to her overworked heroine. The writing is crisp and compelling, the police work convincingly detailed, the ending both suspenseful and satisfying."

"Clever twists and a bang-up conclusion... [Jessie] Drake's appeal is in her authenticity: she's smart but not too smart, vulnerable but not an easy target. In all she's a refreshing change for readers who want a break from Sara Paretsky's hard-driving V.I. Warshawski and Sue Grafton's unsentimental Kinsey Milhone."

Cleveland Plain Dealer
"Well written and engrossing"

"An intricately plotted, beautifully written novel. Krich has incorporated marvelous, believable twists and turns that make this book impossible to put down. The theology is seamlessly woven into the story; one learns so much, but there's nothing didactic about her storytelling. The characters are not only realistic, but also fascinating. ...Krich has given mystery readers of all stripes (cozy and hard-boiled fans should be equally entertained) a terrific book that will likely and deservedly appear on many top 10 lists at the end of the year."

Hand Held Crime
"SHADOWS OF SIN is a nicely balanced, complex but not overwrought book with an appealing main character and tense, tight plotting. Questions of good and evil are woven into the story but never become preachy, and the pace is well-calculated. Certainly, if you want a beautifully executed and thoughtful book, look this one up."

Romantic Times
"A styllish thriller that grips the reader from the start. Ms. Krich tells an extremely suspensful tale that will keep you guessing until the final page is turned."

Library Journal
"An interesting puzzler"

Jekyll's Golden Islander
"Krich is a gifted writer who draws the reader into a maze."


Shadows of Sin, an Avon Books title, is out of print. Look for it at abebooks or half.com. Or check the Deadly Directory at the Cluelass website for a list of bookstores that carry out-of-print and used books.



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