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Speak No Evil

Read Chapter 1 | Reviews |

Someone knows Alexandra Prescott’s secrets, and the nightmare that preceded her idyllic existence as the loving wife of a wealthy and successful L.A. attorney.

Someone is using Alex’s past to destroy her marriage and her family…and is threatening her unborn child.

Terrified and alone, Alex must reopen doors she had hoped were locked forever to confront the tormentor who has emerged from a dark and terrible time. Because someone wants Alexandra Prescott gone. And there’s no place left to hide.



Reviews for Speak No Evil

San Diego Union-Tribune
"A top-notch legal thriller…surprising and satisfying…furnishing thoughtful insights into what it means to be a liberated woman, a principled attorney, and a devout Jew in today’s complex society."

Publishers Weekly
"A taut narrative. . . Krich has effectively charted her earnest heroine’s struggle to find a path that satisfies both the demands of her private morality and her professional obligations."

The Jewish Journal
"Krich’s novel is a particularly fine example of what makes hers a unique and worthy voice. . .Her book is full of convincing detail, whether in the file rooms of justice or in the mind of a morally perplexed Orthodox woman. The book ultimately has a lot more on its pages than murder. It raises questions about ethics and God’s justice versus human justice. It teases with the inerplay of coercive sex and sexual longing. And it does this in the mind of the fascinating, flesh-and-blood character of Debra Laslow."

The London, Ontario Free Press
"Legal principles and politics, issues of rape and the law, Orthdox Jewish beliefs and horribly murdered female attorneys come together quite nicely. . .The climax and conclusions are both startling and sadly realistic. The novel is a deft achievement in answering the factual mystery while leaving readers to puzzle out their own responses to the more difficult questions of ethics and principles."

The Edmonton Journal
"Speak No Evil is a jewel. . .Krich weaves the Judaic element of her story seamlessly into her narrative and in so doing succeeds in creating another Deborah."

Library Journal
"Krich quickly pulls together all the elements of a superior mystery."

Orlando Sentinel
"Krich provides fascinating insights into the Jewish religion and customs. Speak No Evil deals not only with truth and consequences, but also the question of what is justice and the difficulty of being true to yourself in today’s fast-paced materialistic world."

Mystery News
"Gripping and constant suspense…and a powerful ending…Proof positive that one does not need to be a lawyer to write a mighty fine legal thriller. In fact, when comparing this book to John Grisham’s, it may be an advantage not be a lawyer when one wants to write an excellent novel in this sub-genre…engrossing."

The Georgia Herald
"Thoughtful and absorbing…a smashing climax."

Deadly Pleasures
"Krich has created a most admirable character, one with great insight into the human condition…highly recommended."

Kirkus Reviews
"A satisfyingly sturdy yarn."

Affaire de Coeur
"Intelligently written…FOUR STARS!"

Romantic Times
"SPEAK NO EVIL shows the award-winning author in top form. It's a fascinating suspense tale combined with prime courtroom drama."


Speak No Evil, (ISBN: 0-446-40505-1), a Mysterious Press paperback, is out of print. You can look for it at abebooks or half.com. Or check the Deadly Directory at the Cluelass website for a list of bookstores that carry out-of-print and used books.


On sale October 25

In paperback



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